The archives of Liberty Fabric
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The archives of Liberty Fabric

The Khans entails MR MARVIS’ very first full-print - Limited Edition - short fully made with London's Liberty fabric.

Mr Arthur Liberty (1843) – founder and namer of the quintessentially British brand – was a great business man with superb aesthetic taste. He followed his instincts and passions which led to the opening of his first shop in luxury goods and exotic fabrics at London’s prestigious Regent Street. His travels to the Middle-East, India and China inspired him to print fabrics in Britain using traditional block printing techniques. Mr Arthur only offered goods that he himself would deem good enough. Above that, he genuinely felt that he needed to improve public taste and support craftsmanship. Something MR MARVIS can relate to in many ways.

London landmark

The company's success led to the construction of Liberty’s renowned Tudor style flagship department store; a London landmark. Today, Liberty – and more specific Liberty Fabric – is still world famous for its in-house designed iconic prints: the fabric company has been able to bring its heritage hand-painted, hand-drawn designs up to date with the help of digital printing techniques.

Eye-catching, exciting and mood-lifting

The designs from the Liberty Fabric archive inspired MR MARVIS to release its first full-print short; The Khans. The eye-catching, exciting and mood-lifting floral tiger print for The Khans is curated exclusively for MR MARVIS 2017 Limited Edition collection. The Khans sees the fabric company bring one of its most interesting and exclusive signature patterns to the timeless design of MR MARVIS shorts. The floral tiger print is applied onto high-quality stretch gabardine, creating a short that conveys timeless and artful style. The stretch gabardine ensures a comfortable fit due to smooth, finely woven high-quality cotton (97%) with elastane (3%).

Limited edition

MR MARVIS named The Khans after Shere Khan; a character who appears in Mr Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book alongside Mowgli. Shere Khan is cool, suave and oh-so mean. The word Shere translates as "tiger" and Khan as "king", or "leader". Needless to say that The Khans – which will be will released in a limited production run – ensure you're on top of the chain this summer. Go get ‘em tiger!