Marvellous Corduroy from Marzotto Tessuti
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Marvellous Corduroy from Marzotto Tessuti

At the basis of every MR MARVIS design is the choice of fabric. For the new, ribbed, dapper and rich Cords we teamed up with renowned Italian textile manufacturer Marzotto.

Mister Luigi Marzotto founded Marzotto Tessuti in 1836 in the Northern Italian town of Valdagno, about an hour's drive from Venice. At that time, Marzotto was a small-scale wool weaving mill with 12 employees - all passionate about high-quality craftsmanship and innovation. Over the years, the Marzotto family has built a world-renowned brand by producing various types of premium fabrics.

Their emphasis on high-quality, innovative production while respecting people and the environment compelled us to work with them to create the ribbed, soft and stretchy The Cords - our vision of the perfect corduroy trousers.

worker operating a weaving machine