MR MARVIS goes submarine: introducing swimwear

MR MARVIS' launches its first swimwear collection which boasts ten single colour swim shorts and three prints in collaboration with Liberty Art Fabrics.

MR MARVIS’ first swim short collection sees the shorts company bring the perfect shorts below sea level. Friends of MR MARVIS already looked good at the poolside, now the time has come to look great in the pool too. The timeless design of our shorts – including recognisable details like the partly elasticated waist band and hidden pocket – turned out perfect for our swim shorts. 

Our first swimwear collection boasts ten single colour shorts and three full print shorts. The single colours were handpicked from our classic shorts collection and includes The Midnights, The Mints, and The Wimbledons. Three full print shorts are launched in collaboration with Liberty Art Fabrics. We selected stunning and stylish prints. Including The Cousteaus.

Meet The Cousteaus

The Cousteaus are mysterious, intriguing, and beautiful. Just like the underwater world. Obviously, the shorts are named after naval officer, explorer, inventor and filmmaker Mr Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Mr Jacques is most commonly known as an author of series of books in which he describes his underwater world research. The great sea-dweller was a stylish gentleman. With his trademark red beanie, button-down chambray shirt and Rolex Submariner he created his own and unique style.

You can get inspired by his books. Or his style. But we definitely would like to suggest to get inspired by his passion. Because it’s all about passion, isn’t it? As Mr Jacques says “when one man, for whatever reason, has an opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself.” The renaissance man most certainly didn’t keep the opportunity to himself.

MR MARVIS got inspired by Mr Jacques and named it’s full print, deep sea print swim short – which is made of Liberty Art Fabrics' high quality and fast drying fabric – after him. The Cousteaus are made for undersea discovery and adventure. So cast your fishing rod, reel The Cousteaus in and ensure you swim at record depths with the freedom of fish.



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