1. The Knitted Polo

    New: The Knitted Polo

    The Knitted Polo is the suave & stylish polo shirt you've been looking for. Made from a soft yet strong organic cotton knit, this comfortable and stylish polo is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your summer looks.

    As is typical of any iconic polo shirt, our Knitted Polo can be dressed up and down as you see fit. Pair it with The Short Linens for an airy, casual summer look. Or, wear it with a pair of our perfect chinos, The Longs, for an outfit practically begging to be taken into town. Alternatively, if you're hungry for something more casual, pair The Linens with The Knitted Polo for a breezy yet elevated stunner of an outfit. Our polo’s versatility means that you will be perfectly suited for strolls through town as well as chill days spent relaxing poolside with your favourite book.

    The Knitted Polo is made from 100% organic cotton with a super soft hand feel. The high-quality knitted fabric, ultimate fit and timeless details include two engraved buttons, our refined octagon embroidery on the bottom left side and the dark blue branded tab label. Ultimately, this sublime mixture of style and attention to detail results in another iconic MR MARVIS.

    With 10 marvellous colours to choose from, ranging from the dark blue Cosmics to the off-white Coconuts, there’s a Knitted Polo for everyone. Which one do you see yourself in?

    But, with only a limited number of these fantastic men's polo shirts available, you'll have to hurry up if you want one for yourself! With The Knitted Polo, you can rest assured that your spring & summer wardrobe is about to be brought to the next level.

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  2. The Piqué Tee

    New: The Piqué Tee

    The truth is, nothing says "summer" quite like a t-shirt! When preparing for your next big summer adventure, this subtle stunner will surely join your list of must-brings. Clean, yet superbly good-looking. Modest, yet iconically timeless. Uncomplicated, yet rich in detail & fabric.

    Our perfect summer tee is made completely from GOTS-certified organic cotton. We prefer to use organic cotton wherever possible, as it has a much lower impact on the environment than conventional cotton.

    The Piqué Tee is the ideal partner for our collection of perfect summer shorts & trousers. Pairing our tee with The Short Cords makes for a casual & comfortable, yet exceptionally sophisticated outfit. Wear it with our airy & elegant Linens, for a versatile & relaxed look. However you choose to wear The Piqué Tee, you’ll be equally equipped for a day out and about or a casual afternoon spent relaxing on a beach chair. The choice is yours...

    The Piqué Tee is named after the fabric it's made of: high quality, organic cotton with an airy waffle texture. Complimenting its timeless design, The Piqué Tee features our subtle blue branded label on the right front side and an embroidered octagon logo in a matching shade on the front left side.

    With 8 colours to choose from, ranging from the light blue Avenues to the dark burgundy Reserves, there’s a Piqué Tee for everyone. Which one do you see yourself in?

    But, with only a limited number of these stylish men's t-shirts available, you'll have to hurry up if you want one for yourself! Our Piqué Tees are sure to keep you looking & feeling marvellous this summer!

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  3. the classic polo

    New: The Classic Polo

    From smart to sportive: a polo shirt from airy organic cotton is a spring & summer wardrobe icon. Perfectly adaptable to just about any warm-weather style, outfit, or purpose, The Classic Polo is the embodiment of flexibility complimented with a dash of sophistication.

    Pair The Classic Polo with The Short Cords for an casual, timeless warm-weather outfit, perfectly suited for walks along the coast, catching a coffee at your favourite cafe, and everything in-between. Or put on your favourite pair of The Linens and match them with our perfect men's polo shirt for a sophisticated holiday look, ideal for your next grand adventure.

    The Classic Polo is made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton with a subtle, airy waffle texture, typically referred to as piqué. The shirt comes with a classic polo collar with two engraved buttons, our refined octagon embroidery on the bottom left side and the dark blue branded tab label.

    With 13 stunning colours to choose from, ranging from the bright coral Sunsets to the royal blue Poolsiders, there’s a Classic Polo for every personality & style. Which one will become your new favourite?

    But, with only a limited number of these perfect men's polo shirts available, you'll have to be quick to grab one! With The Classic Polo, you can be sure that you're getting a unique & timeless piece of clothing that is sure to bring your spring & summer wardrobe to the next level.

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  4. the short cords

    New: The Short Cords

    You loved our stunning winter-ready ribbed trousers, The Cords, so much that we figured, "Why not carry the fun on to the summer?"

    Meet The Short Cords: ribbed, dapper and… short!

    These ribbed stunners come with all the attention to detail, exceptional comfort, and marvellous looks of their longer cousins, just in a compact fun-sized form: ideal for warm weather. Take The Short Cords with you on your next beach stroll, a not-serious (but totally serious) game of tug-of-war, or even a spot of touch rugby. However you choose to spend your marvellous summer days, The Short Cords are sure to make you stand out while having fun! And fun is what MR MARVIS is all about, our motto is ‘play every day’ after all.

    Our ribbed shorts are made from 98% organic cotton & 2% elastane. Next to an adjustable drawstring, which can be worn in and outside, The Short Cords also come with an elasticated waistband for ultimate comfort. On the back, we added a pocket with a convenient magnetic closure. On the right front side, you'll find the subtle, dark blue MR MARVIS label and, on the left bottom hem, we've placed our stylish silver-coloured metal octagon logo. We added our acclaimed hidden zip pocket inside the right pocket ideal for storing your valuables.

    With 10 marvellous shades to choose from, ranging from the light blue Avenues to the red hot Chillies, there’s a style for every personality. Which one of these ribbed stunners will you choose to upgrade your outfit this marvellous summer?

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  5. the linens

    New: The Linens

    In 2022, we introduced two items made with linen: The Short Linens and The Linen Shirt. Today, we introduce The Linens, our newest, breeziest trousers yet - ideal for sunny days and warm nights.

    The Linens are made of a blend of 70% high-quality linen with 30% organic cotton. This makes them comfortable, soft and airy, but also marvellously good-looking. The breathable character of the linen fabric makes this your ideal pair of trousers to wear on sunny occasions or during a warm summer evening near the beach.

    Linen, a naturally grown fibre derived from the flax plant, is water-saving & more environmentally friendly in comparison to cotton. The Linen we use is European Flax certified, which means it is cultivated in Belgium without the use of artificial irrigation methods and genetically modified organisms.

    Just like their shorter cousins, The Short Linens, these linen trousers are designed with the ultimate summer experience in mind. Because whoever said that trousers are reserved for the colder seasons has surely never tried on a pair of The Linens. Whether you’re kicking back on a balcony somewhere in the sunny Mediterranean enjoying a perfect cup of coffee, lounging on a deck chair with your favourite novel, or catching up with friends downtown, these perfect summer trousers are guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling your absolute best.

    Next to the elasticated waistband, The Linens come with adjustable drawstrings to guarantee the ultimate fit. On the back, you'll find two pockets with a classic buttoned closure and next to the right one our embroidered octagon logo. On the front side, you'll find all the details you might expect from us by now; the subtle MR MARVIS label and the hidden zip pocket for valuables in the right-hand pocket. The Linens come with a button closure and zip fly for ultimate convenience.

    With 9 stunning shades to choose from, ranging from the light blue Avenues to the dark grey Storms, there’s a style for every personality. Which one will you choose?

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  6. flannel bomber

    New: The Flannel Bomber

    Adaptability is the name of the game when it comes to The Flannel Bomber. Going for a casual look? Combine our sleek bomber with a plain white tee and a pair of The Easies for an easygoing outfit. Craving something sophisticated? Wear The Flannel Bomber with a button-up shirt and your favourite pair of The Longs for a smart look. Sharp and versatile, your outfit is yours to own. This hybrid jacket combines the look & feel of our smartest trousers, The Flannels, with the unparalleled style of a bomber to create a truly unique & sharp piece of apparel. In one word: fantastic. Isn’t it?

    The Flannel Bomber is made from a soft and durable, slightly milled & raised 97% organic cotton flannel fabric. The bomber’s sleek design includes a branded front zipper, ribbed collar, cuffs and hem, as well as two front pockets with magnetic closures. On the inside, you’ll find two additional pockets, one of which is zippered: perfect for storing your valuables. On the outside back, centred on the neck of the jacket, you’ll find our subtle brand detail in dark metal.

    Our stunning bomber jacket comes in 7 colours. Which one fits your style?

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  7. Environnemental assessment

    Environmental impact assessment

    Since 2022, we’re working with BCOME to calculate the environmental impact of our products. On our website, you will find the environmental assessment of every product on its specific product page. We use these scores to determine reduction targets and to compensate for our emissions. The assessment scores every item on four variables: Global Warming, Water Scarcity, Eutrophication and Abiotic Depletion. We’ll quickly go through these different concepts and explain how to interpret each of them.

    Global warming

    This is the total of all greenhouse gases emitted throughout the supply chain, expressed in a CO2 equivalent. This impact area includes other greenhouse gases, like methane, too (e.g. from livestock). The total greenhouse gas emissions are translated into a CO2 equivalent. Note therefore, that the Global Warming score does not show direct CO2 emissions. It also includes other greenhouse gases and therefore gives a higher impact score than you would get when you only measure direct carbon emissions.

    Water scarcity

    This measures the impact of the water usage for a certain product, on global water scarcity. This impact score is measured by taking the direct water consumption and multiplying it with a factor dependent on the geographical location where the water is consumed. We do this, instead of simply counting direct water consumption, to give a more accurate idea of the actual impact of a product. This means that the score is not representing direct consumption. While a product might need 10 litres of water, the impact on water scarcity can be equivalent to the use of 100 litres of water. Because one litre of water used in a place where it’s much more scarce, means a much higher impact on global water scarcity than that same litre used in a place where water is abundant.


    Maybe a less known issue, but even so important because of its devastating potential, is eutrophication. This is a chain reaction resulting from the use of fertilisers and pesticides. These (chemical) resources protect the crops on the fields and help them grow. But when they trickle down into the earth, they finally end up in lakes, rivers and seas. There, it forms a feeding ground for bacteria such as green algae. The algae thrive under these conditions, which results in an abundance of green algae. As an effect, a thick layer of green pulp forms on the surface, covering it off from sunlight and oxygen, causing organisms underneath to die. In short, the use of fertilisers, pesticides and other chemicals that end up in nature can cause whole ecosystems to break down. We compare these scores with washing cycles, another - more familiar - practice that incurs eutrophication.

    Abiotic depletion

    This relates to the use of fossil energy sources. Although many of our suppliers are working on installing solar panels and other forms of sustainable power sources, there’s still a considerable amount of energy coming from fossil energy sources. Also the use of synthetic materials, such as polyester and elastane requires abiotics and therefore has an impact on this score.

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  8. Certified Bcorp

    MR MARVIS is the largest Dutch clothing brand to become a Certified B Corporation

    We are very proud to announce that MR MARVIS is officially a Certified B Corporation (B Corp). As a B Corp, we are part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact.

    Ever since the launch of our first pair of perfect shorts - back in 2016 - we have strived to make conscious decisions in every aspect of our business. From being an inclusive and considerate employer, to producing in Portugal using more sustainable materials. As a B Corp, MR MARVIS is now officially part of a community of businesses spearheading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. We join the ranks of thousands of like-minded businesses worldwide, including conscious brands Allbirds, Chloé, Patagonia, and Veja.

    MR MARVIS has surpassed the required minimum score of 80 points to become a B Corp, achieving a notable score of 101.7 on the B Impact Assessment. The average score for B Corps in the Netherlands is 83.7 points, while non-B Corps typically score around 50 points. This achievement reflects our commitment to responsible business practices and a positive impact on society and the environment.

    “After a two-year team effort, we are proud to call ourselves the largest Dutch clothing brand to become a B Corp. While we take pride in this achievement, it is one step in an ongoing journey. Becoming a B Corp is a testament that we are on the right path. We are very proud of this achievement and remain committed to further enhancing our positive impact on people & planet.” - David Sipkens, co-founder & CEO

    “To achieve B Corp certification is a major milestone for MR MARVIS. We are happy to welcome them to our B Corp community and wish them well as they continue in their sustainability journey.” (Tessa van Soest, Executive Director B Lab Benelux)

    All social and environmental efforts that contribute to our B Corp certification can be found in the first edition of our annual Action Report. This report gives a detailed insight into MR MARVIS’ social and environmental decisions and their impact. You can find the full report via the link below. However, to give you a brief summary, here are some highlights that have greatly contributed to our achievement of becoming a certified B Corporation:

    1. The use of environmentally preferred materials (organic, recycled, and recyclable), a permanent collection of timeless designs and no end-of-season sales.
    2. High standards for working conditions which are formalised through a Code of Conduct that was signed by all our production partners.
    3. Supporting charitable causes, both through monetary donations and team volunteering work.
    4. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and achieving net zero emissions by 2030. To reach this goal, we thoroughly assess all emissions related to our operations and offset 110% of unavoidable emissions.
    5. In 2022 we donated a total of almost €60,000 to charities. We doubled all donations made by employees, and our employees invested 174 hours of their time in volunteering projects.

    Obtaining the B Corp certification represents a significant achievement in MR MARVIS’ mission to make people around the world feel marvellous. But we are not done yet. The certification offers a valuable framework, helping to implement further improvements in all aspects of our business. We will remain focused on improving our impact - until the recertification in 2026 and beyond.

    Download Action Report

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  9. New: The Piqué Shirt

    Endless versatility, comfort, & great looks: The Piqué Shirt is so comfortable that you'll want to wear it from a regular day at the office to a Saturday night out with friends. And what's stopping you? Our new piqué shirts look great in a variety of settings, from casual to formal. Pair them with The Coolerdays and your favourite sneakers for a laid-back look. For a polished look, wear them under a jacket with The Flannels beneath. Made from a warm and 100% organic cotton fabric, perfect for autumn & winter. The Piqué Shirt is a GOTS-certified garment. Available online in nine sophisticated colours: find your favourites now.

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