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  1. 1 year b corp

    Be Marvellous, B Corp: our 2023 Action Report

    Since March 2023, MR MARVIS has been the largest Dutch clothing brand with the B Corp Certification. As a B Corp, MR MARVIS is counted among businesses spearheading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. As part of our B Corp identity, we're committed to publishing an Action Report every year. In this report, you can read everything you need to know about our efforts and plans concerning sustainability and social responsibility. You can find the full report via the link below. To give you a sneak peek, here are some highlights that are shared in the report:

    • In 2023, 21,913 garments were reconditioned and 1,117 were repaired, preventing them from going to waste.
    • With Justdiggit we've set a target to regreen 1,460 hectares in Tanzania.
    • In 2023, we donated €116,901 to charities.
    • By switching to organic cotton for The Longs, we saved 46 tons of CO2. This equals 46 hot air balloons.

    For those who missed the memo: what is B Corp again?

    B Corps (short for Benefit Corporations) are commercial companies that meet high standards of conscious decision-making. B Corps commit to public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit with purpose for people and the planet. To become a Certified B Corporation, a company has to do the so-called B Impact Assessment (BIA). This is an elaborate questionnaire that assesses a company on five impact areas: Governance, Customers, Workers, Community and Environment. It sounds simpler than it actually is: it requires a certain type of company DNA and – in our case – more than two years of preparation to take the right steps. Companies need to score at least 80 points (out of the total 200) to become a Certified B Corp. In the Netherlands, the average score is 83.7 points. MR MARVIS scored 101.7 on the B Impact Assessment. A score to be proud of.

    To keep the B Corp status, companies must recertify every three years. Since we certified in 2023, 2026 will be our moment of truth again. That may seem far away, but we are ambitious and given the changes we're looking to implement, it's really just around the corner. To make these changes happen, we've thought out 50 projects to undertake in 2024. Some initiatives are already in the making: for example establishing a Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) committee, collaborating with other like-minded B Corps from the fashion industry to tackle industry challenges together and developing a MR MARVIS recycling program.

    Do you want to know more? Or do you have a good idea to share with for us? Get in touch via [email protected]. We're always eager to learn!

    Here you can check out our new Action Report.

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  2. the seersuckers

    The Seersuckers

    Looking to combine modern comfort and sophistication with a touch of vintage glamour? Your search ends with The Seersuckers. MR MARVIS' new trousers are made from the same organic cotton seersucker fabric as our striped favourites, The Short Seersuckers and modelled after our relaxed summer trousers, The Linens. These breathable warm-weather trousers are guaranteed to make you stand out. There's a reason we call them our 'statement stripes'!

    Seersucker is a famously comfortable and breathable fabric, making it the perfect choice for the warmest days of the year. Better yet, our versatile and stylish striped trousers can be worn cuffed for a more relaxed look to match any sun-soaked occasion.

    The Seersuckers are easily paired with any of our marvellous tops. For the ultimate summer look, combine our striped heroes with our always airy and breathable Piqué Tee.

    The Seersuckers launch in a palette of eye-catching MR MARVIS colourways, ranging from the soft pink Decks to the dark blue Catamarans.

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  3. short terries

    The Terry Collection

    Comfort is key, especially when it's hot out there. That's why we've decided to create a pair of shorts in the most comfortable and softest material we could think of: terry towelling, woven from 100% organic cotton. We used this tactile fabric to design our new Short Terries and some matching tops, so you can opt for a contemporary, matching look – if you feel like it. But why is terry cloth our fabric of choice this summer? Well, it's super soft, it's absorbent, and it's also marvellously stylish with a sporty touch. For our terry collection, we use a single-sided terry fabric with a loop-like texture on the outside and a smooth surface on the inside.

    Soft, supple and suave, that's how we'd describe our Short Terries. They have a relaxed fit and feature an elasticated waistband with adjustable drawstrings and welt pockets with magnetic fasteners at the rear. These shorts may very well be our ultimate leisure style: think of yourself wearing these while lounging by the poolside or enjoying the sunset aboard a sailing boat.

    Want to earn some extra style points? Pair them with a top in the same fabric. The Terry Shirt is a laid-back summer must-have in a relaxed shape that features buttons with a mother-of-pearl look, a revere collar and two large patch chest pockets.

    For a more sporty take on terry, try our new Terry Polo. Classic silhouette, contemporary look – The Terry Polo is the perfect addition to your rotation of polo shirts this season and ideal for leisure time.

    Have we convinced you to join Team Terry? Get your Short Terries now in one of our seven marvellous colours and don't forget to try a style to match – or contrast – them with our Terry Shirt or Terry Polo.

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  4. the classic chinos

    The Classic Chinos

    Introducing The Classic Chinos: our new tapered chino trousers. A modern take on a classic, you could say they're the dressier cousin of our original men's chinos, The Longs. Their tapered, looser fit, front pleats and extended waistband make these elevated men's chinos truly perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

    Primed for office days and casual summer weddings alike, The Classic Chinos' relaxed fit with tapered legs makes for the ultimate mix of comfort and sophistication.

    Wear the Classic Chinos with our smart Oxford Shirt for a sophisticated and versatile look. Or, cuff them and pair with our Piqué Tee for a more casual and contemporary summer outfit.

    The Classic Chinos launch in 10 iconic MR MARVIS colours, ranging from the grey-green Defenders to the light blue Avenues.

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  5. the cotton crew

    The Cotton Crew

    Introducing The Cotton Crew: your new go-to lightweight pullover for effortless looks. Crafted from soft organic cotton in a fine knit construction, this versatile wardrobe staple offers style and comfort in equal parts.

    With its classic crew neckline, The Cotton Crew strikes a balance between casual and refined. Whether you're dressing it up with a suit for a contemporary twist on business casual or pairing it with The Jeans – our perfect denim trousers – or The Longs – or perfect chinos – for a more relaxed look, this pullover easily adapts to any setting.

    Designed for a regular fit, this classic pullover for men features a crew neckline, set-in sleeves and ribbed trims. It's finished with signature MR MARVIS details: a refined octagon embroidery on the bottom left side and the dark blue branded tab label. The breathable cotton fabric ensures all-day comfort, making it the ideal choice for the transitional months, but also those cooler summer evenings.

    This classic pullover for men is available in eight marvellous colours, from fresh white Wimbledons and melange-beige Baristas to sophisticated dark blue Cosmics and burgundy red Reserves.

    Shop The Cotton Crew online now or visit one of our stores.

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  6. Plant-a-tree Friday


    As the world dives into Black Friday shopping for items often deemed unnecessary, we're delighted to introduce Plant-A-Tree Friday!

    Waste created by Black Friday shopping is truly momentous - according to Green Alliance, up to 80% of products purchased during Black Friday sales are discarded within a few uses. MR MARVIS stands for quality garments that are made to last. The timeless design of our collection, the choice of more sustainable materials, and fair compensation for our partners means we cannot and will not take part in Black Friday.

    Instead, we introduce Plant-A-Tree Friday. On this day, we will give back to the planet by planting a tree for every pair of trousers purchased. Since 2021, we have compensated for our emissions through regreening projects with Justdiggit. On Plant-A-Tree Friday, we will double down our efforts and contribute to the Green Friday Forest in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, initiated by the non-profit reforestation foundation Trees for All.


    Based in The Netherlands, Trees for All has facilitated over 107 reforestation projects around the world since their founding in 1999. From Asia through Africa to right here in Europe, Trees for All has planted 9.6 million trees, equal to around 683,000 tons of re-compensated Co2 emissions.


    As a B Corp, we’re part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact. Companies with a B Corp certification are committed to balancing profit with purpose for people & planet. It’s something we work hard for and are proud of. And you, as a customer at MR MARVIS, can feel proud too.

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  7. The Flannel Shirt

    Our super soft Flannel Shirt

    Flannel season is here – dress the part in our new Flannel Shirt, our softest shirt yet. It's packed with details, like the branded buttons, the button down collar, the single chest pocket... And the list goes on and on.

    Our Flannel Shirt for men is crafted from slightly milled & raised GOTS-certified organic cotton, which means it’s incredibly soft, strong & more sustainable. Wear it with The Flannels – our premium flannel trousers – for a sophisticated co-ord look. Or dress it down with The Easies.

    Our new timeless flannel shirt is available in nine marvellous colours, from our light blue Avenues to our dark blue Cosmics. It's the perfect addition to your autumn & winter wardrobe.

    Still deciding? Don't wait too long to make it yours: we've only got a limited number of these men's flannel shirts available.

    Shop The Flannel Shirt online now or visit one of our flagship stores.

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  8. cortina pullover

    Cortina cool

    Introducing our new limited edition Cortina Pullover. It's inspired by our Autumn/Winter 2023 campaign, which we shot in the stunning Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. Our new knit features the same design as our popular ribbed Knit Pullover – but with some special details.

    Our warm & stylish pullover for men is knitted from 100% Woolmark-certified merino wool, the world's softest and finest sheep's wool. A subtle nod to our latest campaign, it features the authentic Cortina® logo on the left arm as well as faux leather shoulder patches. It's available in three marvellous colours, the dark blue Deeps, dark green Lakes and soft beige Gazettes. While the first two have contrasting shoulder patches, the Gazettes' are tone-on-tone.

    A fan of our new heavy knit? Don't wait too long to make it yours. We've only got a limited number of these men's merino knits available.

    Shop The Cortina Pullover online now or visit one of our flagship stores.

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  9. organic cotton

    Why we prefer organic cotton

    What is organic cotton?

    “Made from 100% organic cotton”. You’ve probably heard us use that sentence before. But what does it mean exactly when we say organic cotton? And why is it so important to us? Well, the answer is actually quite simple: organic cotton is less harmful for the environment.

    First things first: cotton is a fibre that grows on the cotton plant. But before you can use it, just like all crops, it first needs to grow. During that process, many cotton farmers protect their crops from insects by using pesticides.
    Often, they also create bigger and more numerous crops using genetically modified organism (GMOs), fertilisers, and artificial irrigation methods.
    But besides creating a strong and beautiful cotton plant, these methods all have one thing in common: they have a negative effect on the planet in terms of water usage, soil depletion, carbon emissions, and energy usage.
    Organic cotton is grown under more sustainable conditions with a far less harmful impact on all the factors listed above. It does not use any pesticides, artificial fertilisers, or GMOs, nor is the field irrigated with anything other than rainwater.

    Goal: 100% organic cotton

    We aim to switch the last product in our collection - The Originals - to organic cotton instead of conventional cotton. Why? The answer is easy; organic cotton is much less harmful to the environment than “conventional” cotton. Thanks to the methods used while growing the cotton, or better: the methods that were NOT used, organic cotton is much more sustainable than conventional cotton. And that’s exactly why we are phasing out conventional cotton from our collections, whilst looking for organically produced alternatives with the exact same or even better qualities. Because that’s what our mission states: creating iconic designs while making conscious decisions for people and planet.

    Green Disclaimer

    Since we’re talking facts here, let’s be honest about the full picture. Organic cotton does show considerable ecological benefits over conventional cotton, but it’s not the end of the story. It’s much less harmful, but it still impacts the planet. Changing all our collections to organic cotton is a first big step towards being a truly sustainable fashion brand. But to reach our goal of becoming net zero by 2030, we realise we need to do more. That’s why we invite you to have this conversation with us. We’re also eager to learn how we can improve.

    Download Action Report

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