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the classic chinos


Introducing The Classic Chinos: our new tapered chino trousers. A modern take on a classic, you could say they're the dressier cousin of our original men's chinos, The Longs. Their tapered, looser fit, front pleats and extended waistband make these elevated men's chinos truly perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

Primed for office days and casual summer weddings alike, The Classic Chinos' relaxed fit with tapered legs makes for the ultimate mix of comfort and sophistication.

Wear the Classic Chinos with our smart Oxford Shirt for a sophisticated and versatile look. Or, cuff them and pair them with our brand-new Sneakers, made in collaboration with Filling Pieces, and a comfortable T-shirt for a more casual and contemporary summer outfit.

The Classic Chinos launch in 10 iconic MR MARVIS colours, ranging from the grey-green Defenders to the light blue Avenues.

the classic chinos

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    Protect Your Garments, Protect the Ocean

    MR MARVIS has partnered with Guppyfriend to provide an environmentally preferred solution: the Guppyfriend washing bag. These single-sheet (and therefore non-shedding) polyester bags filter up to 90% of microplastic pollution during the washing cycle, vastly reducing potential waste. As an added benefit, the Guppyfriend washing bags also provide significant protection against abrasion, extending the lifespan of your delicate garments and shielding them from pilling.

    But, why stop at just preventing plastic pollution? To maximise our impact, all profits from Guppyfriend bags sold by MR MARVIS will go towards coastal cleanup projects in Cambodia facilitated by our partner, Sumthing.

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  • MR MARVIS joined Fur Free Alliance

    We are – and have always been – fur-free

    But now it's official too! Because MR MARVIS has joined the Fur Free Retailer programme. The Fur Free Retailer programme is an international initiative of the Fur Free Alliance, a coalition of more than 50 of the world's leading wildlife and environmental protection organisations. The programme encourages companies to go fur-free and provides consumers with accurate information about each retailer's fur policy. This enables customers to make informed choices when shopping.

    The fur-free pledge

    Despite never incorporating real fur into our collections at MR MARVIS, we have chosen to join the pledge. Our decision extends beyond our brand alone; we hope to encourage other retailers to also adopt a fur-free policy.

    Animal welfare policy

    We are incorporating an Animal Welfare policy into our Supplier Code of Conduct. Currently, our Code of Conduct sets out clear expectations for fair wages, safe working conditions, and environmental stewardship. As we strive to be a responsible company that ensures ethical and fair practices for all parties, including wildlife, we aim to implement a concrete Animal Welfare Policy by the end of the year. As part of our research, we concluded that the standards set by the Fur Free Retailer programme coincide with our own values.

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  • 1 year b corp

    Be Marvellous, B Corp: our 2023 Action Report

    Since March 2023, MR MARVIS has been the largest Dutch clothing brand with the B Corp Certification. As a B Corp, MR MARVIS is counted among businesses spearheading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. As part of our B Corp identity, we're committed to publishing an Action Report every year. In this report, you can read everything you need to know about our efforts and plans concerning sustainability and social responsibility. You can find the full report via the link below. To give you a sneak peek, here are some highlights that are shared in the report:

    • In 2023, 21,913 garments were reconditioned and 1,117 were repaired, preventing them from going to waste.
    • With Justdiggit we've set a target to regreen 1,460 hectares in Tanzania.
    • In 2023, we donated €116,901 to charities.
    • By switching to organic cotton for The Longs, we saved 46 tons of CO2. This equals 46 hot air balloons.

    For those who missed the memo: what is B Corp again?

    B Corps (short for Benefit Corporations) are commercial companies that meet high standards of conscious decision-making. B Corps commit to public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit with purpose for people and the planet. To become a Certified B Corporation, a company has to do the so-called B Impact Assessment (BIA). This is an elaborate questionnaire that assesses a company on five impact areas: Governance, Customers, Workers, Community and Environment. It sounds simpler than it actually is: it requires a certain type of company DNA and – in our case – more than two years of preparation to take the right steps. Companies need to score at least 80 points (out of the total 200) to become a Certified B Corp. In the Netherlands, the average score is 83.7 points. MR MARVIS scored 101.7 on the B Impact Assessment. A score to be proud of.

    To keep the B Corp status, companies must recertify every three years. Since we certified in 2023, 2026 will be our moment of truth again. That may seem far away, but we are ambitious and given the changes we're looking to implement, it's really just around the corner. To make these changes happen, we've thought out 50 projects to undertake in 2024. Some initiatives are already in the making: for example establishing a Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) committee, collaborating with other like-minded B Corps from the fashion industry to tackle industry challenges together and developing a MR MARVIS recycling program.

    Do you want to know more? Or do you have a good idea to share with for us? Get in touch via [email protected]. We're always eager to learn!

    Here you can check out our new Action Report.

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