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Best-in-class service

At MR MARVIS, making sure our customers have an amazing shopping experience is our top priority. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to further improve your experience, whether online, in-store, or afterwards. We want to be connected and helpful even after you have made a purchase. For instance, we share garment care tips so your favourites last for seasons to come, and we also offer repair services whenever needed.

Net Promoter Score

To measure satisfaction among our customers, one of the main indicators we use is called the Net Promoter Score – NPS. Put simply, it's a number between -100 and +100. The higher the number, the better the performance. The NPS is calculated using a post-purchase survey in which our customers are asked, on a scale of 0–10, how likely they are to recommend MR MARVIS to a friend. The answers are then divided into three groups:

  • Detractor: rated 0–6 (negative about the brand)
  • Neutral: rated 7–8 (neutral about the brand)
  • Promoter: rated 9–10 (positive about the brand)

If a customer rates us with a 7 or 8, they count as passives; they're seen as neutral and therefore, their answers don’t affect our NPS. If a customer gives us a 6 or lower, they're considered detractors. Detractor scores represent customers who weren’t happy with our service or product. These scores pull the total NPS downwards. True promoters, who scored us with a 9 or 10, push the NPS upward. The percentage of promoters minus the percentage of detractors provides the final NPS. In the survey, there is also space to provide feedback. The feedback gives us valuable insights into what we're already doing well and where we can improve. As each comment is carefully reviewed, please keep sending feedback our way!


We're thrilled to share that in 2023, we saw our NPS rise from 66 to 70. This means a lot to us since the average NPS in E-Commerce is 45.

In 2024, we aim to further improve to a Net Promotor Score of 72.