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Give your MR MARVIS a second chance

Our consciously produced garments are made to last a life-time. But sometimes during a life-time, a fine piece of clothing can end up in the back of your wardrobe needing a new lease of life.

This is a waste of great craftsmanship and valuable materials. That’s why we advise to consider Sellpy, a platform to give the clothes you no longer need a second life.

Sellpy is an online marketplace where you can sell the clothes you no longer need, and buy second-hand clothes. The mission is to reduce the amount of clothing waste by giving it a second life. We believe that together we can have a positive impact and reduce the footprint of the clothing industry.

How it works

Go to the Sellpy website and use the discount code MRMARVIS to order a free Sellpy bag.

Put the clothes you no longer need in the Sellpy bag.

Once it’s full, close the bag and order a courier pick-up on the Sellpy website.

Sellpy will then take pictures of each item, price them and put them on the website.

Check or change prices and follow your sale through your Sellpy account.

Items that aren't sold are donated to charity or recycled.

Good to know

We endorse Sellpy's mission and encourage you to give a second life to the clothes you no longer wear. We recommend Sellpy because of its ease of use. It is possible that you can realise higher sales margin on another platform. MR MARVIS only plays a facilitating role and does not earn anything from your sales through Sellpy.

If you have any questions about (your sale via) Sellpy, we kindly ask you to contact their customer service directly.

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