The Bricks * junior

For those who don’t want to be another brick in the wall.


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Available colours

The Antarctics * junior
The Mavericks * junior
The Cosmics * junior
The Poolsiders * junior
The Lagoons * junior
The Aquaramas * junior
The Mojitos * junior
The Aviators * junior
The Felsons * junior
The Estates * junior
The Storms * junior
The Gazettes * junior
The Wimbledons * junior
The Meharis * junior
The Bricks * junior
The Sunsets * junior
HANDMADE IN PORTUGAL MR MARVIS shorts are crafted by hand using the highest quality materials.
ELASTICATED WAISTBAND Comfort has a new name! All our shorts have a partially elasticated waistband.
THE PERFECT GIFT JR MARVIS shorts come in a ready to gift box. Unboxing fun guaranteed!


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